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A holistic approach to business is a comprehensive strategy

Just The Essentials helps small and mid-sized companies improve efficiencies and processes needed to scale and grow their business. 


  • Maximize your sales potential 
  • Increase customer engagement 
  • Identify new sales channels
  • Automate the Sales Process
  • Automate the Customer Journey 
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Yogi, Creative Problem Solver, Hiker

Jenny, the devoted yogi, and holistic businesswoman is passionate about getting to know her clients inside out - understanding their struggles and desired outcomes before developing a strategy. But when she's not busy creating successful sales or HubSpot strategies for them, you'll find Jenny on her yoga mat! As well as practicing herself, Jenny also teaches classes in Adaptive Yoga, Care Giver Yoga, and specially-tailored sessions for Remote Workers too. It sounds like blissful balance indeed - unless of course, Bluey (her daughter’s blue heeler) needs more exercise...

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Happy Customer


“Jenny & I worked together for a few years, and I learned that I could rely on her for advice and insight. She is a pro at CRM technology and became a resource for both Salesforce and Hubspot. With a Sales background, she understands how a CRM can benefit a team. Her creative approach is quite helpful - she finds ways to set up a solution that will meet specific needs, even when it seems that there is no solution possible. As a coworker and then someone I recently engaged for Hubspot customization, Jenny is just a pleasure to work with. She is so well-grounded and upbeat. I always found myself looking forward to our meetings. 

Sue Hilger


Just The Essentials

A holistic approach to grow your business